Three Tips for Better Snapshot Portraits

For many years, I have taken many snapsots of the people around me. Usually family members and friends give me only a few minutes to take their picture, so I really have to make the best of it. Here are three things that helped to make better snaphots.

1. Bring your subject(s) next to a window

My experience is that natural light is hard to beat for portraits. And it's for free!

2. Do not use flash

Just make sure you can handhold at slower shutter speed. I rest my arm on my knees or hips or anything stationary. I also hold my breath during the exposures. It really helps.

3. Use your first exposure as an icebreaker

Five minutes is not enough to connect with the subject to make a real natural portrait. I found that most people are nervous and their faces are not relaxed right until they hear the camera go "click". Right after that sound they seem to relax, and thats when I expose some more shots. So I use the first exposure just as an icebreaker.